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Third Time’s The Charm

The phrase “Third time’s the charm” has its roots in the age-old assumption that the third time you try something will be the lucky effort that succeeds. This assumption is based on the similarity that things that come in threes have to the Holy Trinity of Christianity. A more agnostic explanation is that after failing two times you have the experience to succeed on your third try. I’m hoping either one or both of those things are true as I prepare to launch my third self-published novel, Far Out Man. Despite its main character’s obsession with the Sixties, Far Out Man is a story whose time has come. In a cynical age of fear, hate and war, maybe it’s time to reexamine the value of peace, love and understanding. And maybe the third time will be the charm for me.

Speechwriters Are The Most Important People In Any Organization

My apologies for the clickbait headline. It is a fictional construction designed to help make a serious and valid point. My hope is that your instincts kick in and you keep reading to see what happens next. Speechwriters have long known what neuroscientists, psychologists and evolutionary biologists are now proclaiming: humans are hard wired for… Continue Reading

The Ugly American

My Journey to the Top of the Best Seller List I played the Trump card a few months ago and not much happened.  I am playing it again now with lowered expectations but no loss of hope. The circumstances and timing are too good to pass up:  Trump is in Scotland bragging about how the… Continue Reading

Playing the Trump Card

My Journey to the Top of the Best Seller List Desperate times call for desperate measures. It may be time for me to play the Trump card. A little background: I am not a political person, at least publicly, and especially not over the internet. From what I have observed, there are only two sides,… Continue Reading

The Review is In!

My Journey to the Top of the Best Seller List I entered my novel in the 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards last year, and have just contacted me with the results. No, I didn’t win. But they said so many nice things about my book that I find it hard to believe I… Continue Reading

You Pays to Advertise

My Journey to the Top of the Best Seller List I haven’t posted in awhile because I was waiting to see the results of my experiment in advertising. The results are in. They are encouraging, but inconclusive. Here’s the story: After looking around and comparing audience demographics, reach, cost and other factors, I decided to… Continue Reading

You Gotta Have Art

My Journey to the Top of the Best Seller List “You Gotta Have Art” was a series of TV commercials that aired in the 1970s to promote the Detroit Institute of Arts. It is also an accurate description of what you need for your front cover when you publish a book. The snappy jingle from… Continue Reading